How to Make Money on Tinder?

There are many dating apps but only a few can grab the attention of people. One popular dating app is tinder. This app is having millions of subscribers and this start up is growing really fast. Have you ever wondered how this app makes money? This app even offers you an opportunity to make money. You can either put up apps or you can make a business profile to boost your brand advertising. This is an online world and everyone gets an equal chance to make money.

How to Make Money on Tinder?

How Does Tinder Make Money?

The tinder app is a platform where you can meet love, romance, and even friendship. Some relationships built on tinder are even turned into lifetime relationships. Well, tinder removes physical barriers and lets you meet people from all around the world.  This app is simply amazing and it has also won TechCrunch's Crunchie Award for Best 2013 Startup award. 

This app won the award because of its unique operating business model. The team of tinder definitely earns well. The Tinder dating app is very popular in the United States. Tinder definitely deserves to be on the list of the number one dating apps. Tinder is a location based online dating app. The app is owned by IAC which is an American internet & media firm.

This company is the owner of the more than 150 products and brands like OkCupid, Investopedia, Vimeo,, and many others names are there in the list. The tinder app is popular among all age groups and some young people are in huge numbers on tinder.

Tinder first adopted a basic business model and the app came out to be free. Then for premium members, there is tinder plus and tinder gold. This means everyone can use tinder according to their convenience and budget. It is very easy to use tinder. First, you have to create your profile or you can even log in using your Facebook. Profiles are important for the tinder business model.

Tinder suggests you match based on location.  You just have to swipe left and right to deny or accept the profile. Once you like a profile you can immediately start chatting with that person. Tinder keeps on updating its features to make the dating app more entertaining. Young people get easily bored and start-ups like tinder cannot afford to fail their young subscribers. This is why tinder has a very unique selling proposition. Tinder is successful in connecting people who are strangers to each other.

Tinder Plus : There are special features that come with tinder plus like a passport, unlimited right and left swipes, more than one super like, and much more.

Tinder Gold : Tinder gold is an exclusive service and also the most expensive subscription. With this, you get both tinder plus and tinder gold features. This is the best way to enjoy the tinder app to its fullest.

With the best features, tinder plans the app can make its revenues. Tinder also has sponsor profiles.

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