Is Zoosk a Good Dating Site?

Every day we see hundreds of apps launching in the play store. This is great as we can enjoy fun in varieties. Currently, dating apps are wildly in trend. Competition is tough so app developers are doing their best to keep their users happy. Before you download that app you need to know how good r bad it is. So if you are here to know about Zoosk you are at the right place.

This app was launched in the year 2007 by Silicon Valley start up. This pap is having a good amount of popularity. It falls under the category of top-rated apps and it is having tons of features that are going to make you happy. This app focuses on dating so if you are looking for love, romance, and dating Zoosk is all that you need in your Smartphone.

Is Zoosk a Good Dating Site

How Good is It?

It’s been a long that Zoosk is in existence but not many know about its legitimacy or how it works.  This app is actually still under the veil. The rating of Zoosk is 4.7/5 which is pretty impressive. This clearly shows the worthiness of this dating app. The platform is fairly popular, easy to use, and also cost effective.  This app is having more than 40 million subscribers and it is growing. It is having plenty of features like personalized notifications, flashy features, different subscription plans, an easy interface, and quality profiles.

More about Zoosk

Zoosk dating site is diverse in many ways and they give you the perfect match based on the behavioral match system.  There are people from 80 countries at Zoosk.  You can communicate in your language and also easily find your interests. This app is 100% free but if you get impressed by its features you can switch to a premium membership and have access to more features. This dating app is serious with serious features.  It has everything that an online dating app should have. Zoosk is completely safe and suitable for everyone. It has different categories like

  • Men/Women
  • Seniors
  • Christian
  • Black
  • LGBT

People can easily find someone of their interest using the category feature. No matter what your religion, age, ethnicity, or orientation is this app will help you find the best match.

What are the Charges of Zoosk?

One of the most important factors to choose a dating app is the price. Every top quality app is having premium membership where they have saved best for you but at some cost. Zoosk premium membership is for $12.49/month for 6 months, $19.98/month for 3 months, and $29.95/month for 1 month. These are the different Zoosk premium membership plans available.

There are even greetings available for the free membership holders. It is good to try Zoosk for free first to check how worthy this app is for you.  If you get satisfied with its offerings you can enjoy the special perks with Zoosk premium membership plans. This app is worth enjoying and you might also find someone special using the Zoosk app.

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