Why Plenty Of Fish Is A Waste Of Time?

We are humans and humans are social, we like interacting, making friends, and testing new people, and when we finally meet one we like to get settled. The warm feeling of love and dating in the 21st century starts from online applications.  There is both good news and bad news for online dating lovers.

There is an abundance of dating sites which is a good thing but also this abundance is dangerous. We cannot see the reality of people when we talk to them online or just are checking them out. Today we have one such dating site which is very much popular these days and the name of the site is plenty of fish. This dating is having more than a hundred million members.

There are some exciting features this app offers. People can get both free and paid memberships. People can use this dating site from anywhere on this planet.  We should not forget that there are two sides to the coin. Plenty of fish is getting fishier and users are saying it's a waste of time. Let's see why.

Why Plenty Of Fish Is A Waste Of Time

Why is POF a Waste of Time 2024?

When plenty of wish is so popular, it is having millions of subscribers then why people are thinking that it is a waste of time? Here are some points that will clear your dilemma.

Loaded with Spam and Fake Profiles

Plenty of fish is getting negative because of the fake profiles. Daily users know this very well as it is common to come across. For spammers dating sites are good baits.  They create fake profiles and can turn their bad intentions into reality.  It is not easy to tell who is real and fake by just looking at their profile.  No one wishes to get trapped with spammers.  There are so many personal details on POF about a user which is threatening if it gets in the wrong hands.

Ads Everywhere

Ads everywhere are the most irritating thing to deal with. We cannot even watch a video without getting troubled by too many ads. POF is getting irritating because of too many ads. I think this is done to irritate users so that they turn to premium subscribers.  It is not a sign of professionalism and also questions the authenticity of the plenty of fish. When they start forcing you to get money out of your pocket it should be a red flag.

Crime at Peak

When there are so many fake profiles and there are spammers and people with bad intentions behind these POF profiles how safe are you? Every day we see, hear stories about online crimes.  It is very easy to fool innocent young teenagers. Many criminals are using POF to look for their victims and prey on them. POF is where you share your details and even your pictures. Blackmailing and crime stories about POF are getting common every day.

These are enough reasons to get out of plenty of fish because it is not just a waste of time but a dangerous place to be.

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