How to Make Money on Plenty of Fish?

Today there are plenty of opportunities online where you can make real money. You just have to know how to do that. If you are a user of plenty of fish then there is good news for you. You can now earn on POF.  Recently the company has started live video chat and there is an option for android, iDevices, and desktop apps.  If you wish to know what you can do with the live stream then imagine the activities of your everyday adventure which you can record and share with others using the live stream feature.

How to Make Money on Plenty of Fish

You can also interact with all those who are watching your stream. This does not ends here you now also earn with this feature.  If you are having POF account then now you can stream live on POF and earn side by side.  You just have to be good at a live stream and keep your viewers entertained. We all know how fast you can go viral if you have something good to offer.

Today young people are talented and good with technology. A live stream is their hobby.  If you have a good live stream video then your viewers can give you a virtual gift which is a diamond.  When you receive such gifts from your viewers you also get more exposure. Once you have enough diamonds in your POF account you can exchange your credits for cash.

This is the best way to entertain, show your talent, and earn.  Each diamond that you earn every time from your viewers is also displayed in your account.  You just have to focus on earning more diamonds.

How to Get More Diamonds and Cash Out?

If you wish to earn more at POF you need to know how you can earn more diamonds. There are fun contests held at POF and you have to enter them with the best content for your live stream. If you win this fun contest stream then you can instantly increase the count of your diamonds. There are amazing and cool rewards for the winners. These contests are held from time to time which means you have plenty of opportunities to earn more. You also need to find out ways to attract more viewers on your live stream. The more viewers the more diamonds you are going to get. Here is how to cash out your diamonds

  • First, you must log in to your POF account
  • Now click on Live
  • Click on Claim Rearward
  • Click on Claim Cash Reward
  • Confirm your live count
  • Click on OK

Once you have submitted your request it takes three days to get your receipt approved. Within 3-5 days you will be able to get your amount in your PayPal account.  It is also important that you have enough amounts of diamonds to cash them out.  If you have 400,000 diamonds only then you are able to cash them out. You can cash out $200-$600/day. POF cash out is safe and easy. Make sure you have a paypal account.

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