What Does The Golden Heart Mean On Tinder?

Tinder is an amazing dating app for young and young adults. The one thing is that you can trust this app to find a date. Trustworthy apps are in short supply these days. After reliability comes to the features. There are pretty much interesting features that make tinder fun like hearts. There are different colored hearts you get. 

New people on tinder might want to find out what a gold heart means. There is a yellow and golden heart on tinder and people have confused. This is also the reason why they are looking for the meaning of the gold heart on the internet. These hearts come only with premium users, this is the misconception. If you want that golden heart so bad next to your name you can have it.

What Does The Golden Heart Mean On Tinder

What Golden Heart Means?

That glittering cute golden heart is given to tinder users who check a huge amount of profiles by swiping right. Tinder needs to encourage its users and this is one way to do that. There are many people out there who do not get easily impressed. They look at profiles one after another and it also means that their profiles are getting that many views. This is the algorithm tinder use.

Golden hearts also represents your popularity on tinder. These users check out a large number of profiles and get a heart next to their lovely names.  Now comes the question how many right swipes are going to get you that shiny heart? The more you are using this app the more golden hearts you will come across. If you wish to see some worthy profiles on tinder you must look for golden hearts on their profile.

By using golden hearts users can also appreciate each other. When you see a golden heart next to someone’s name it means they have too visited your profile. They like you and you can like them back.  Golden hearts are also sent to others to give them a sign that you like them and showing interest.  And why not it is a dating app where everyone is looking for love. It is very easy to send love. You just have to click on the golden heart next to their name.

If you have this thought in your mind that why they are sending you a golden heart is because they have an interest in you. You can send HI after that if you like them back.  Golden heart on tinder is to ensure that someone appreciates you and can accept the appreciation from you too. Some people are shy and they do not wish to say Hi first even though they are interested in others.

These people can use a golden heart to give a sign that you like their profile. So next time you see a golden heart on someone's profile it means they like you. Now you can search for hearts and see who has liked your profile. Do not forget to send the golden heart back. It's a way to appreciate!

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