How to See Who liked you on Bumble without Paying

Bumble is a dating app that gives you the ideal online dating experience. It has a very unique matchmaking system. On this app, you can see who liked you only if it is mutual. But there is good news for premium users that they can see people who they have not liked back. Is it possible to see who liked you on this app without investing any single penny? As this option is only available for those users on Bumble who have subscribed to its premium version, but some people want to access this option free of cost.

If you are the one who wants to see who liked you completely free of cost, then it is great for you that it can be done even on the free version of Bumble. The Beeline section of this app and website displays the approximate number of users who have swiped right on you. But there is a restriction that you cannot see them unless you buy the premium plan of the Bumble app.

How to See Who liked you on Bumble without Paying

The Right Trick 

But bugs are present in every app and of course, Bumble is no exception. You can call it a hidden trick or a bug, which can help you bypass the restriction and let you know the profile of a person who has already liked you. This app lets you filter the profiles you see based on your preferred age, language, and distance. Here comes the role of the Distance filter. Using the distance filter can help you to know who likes you.

By boosting the distance range, you can directly see the profile of your admirer on the swipe deck. Check out the below-mentioned steps, which will take you to get the information regarding who liked you on Bumble without paying :

  • First of all, open the Bumble app on your smartphone and then log in to it with your account details.
  • Then, if someone likes your profile, you will receive a notification. So, you need to wait until you get a like on your Bumble profile.
  • Once you get a notification, tap on the Beeline. Here, you will view the blurred images of the people who have liked you. Of course, the images will be blurred. But you need to carefully look at the colors of the images. Here, you can somehow identify the profile of a person who has liked you when it appears on your swipe deck.
  • As soon as another person likes your Bumble profile, visit the Filter icon located at the top-right corner of the swipe deck screen of your app. It will open the Date Filters page.
  • After visiting the Date Filters page, it will let you select the preferences for your date. Drag the slider to the right, under Distance. Ensure to enable the option ‘See people slightly further away if I run out,’ which is located just below the slider.
  • After that, close the Bumble app and then open it again. The individuals who have liked your profile will appear among the first few profiles on the swipe deck.
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