How to Get Unlimited Swipes on Tinder?

If you are on swipe you might be wondering how to use it fully without paying. We all know Tinder is having both free and paid membership. Paid members get to enjoy more perks but still, there is room for free users as well.  So if you need the answer to How to Get Unlimited Swipes on Tinder for Free? You first need to know how many swipes you get every day. 

How to Get Unlimited Swipes on Tinder

On the free version of tinder earlier, you used to get a hundred swipes every twelve hours. The algorithm of tinder is now changed and everyone gets a different amount of swipes. This is also based on various factors and now you get swipes twelve hours a day. There are some good things tinder has given to its free users. If you will leave a swipe tinder will not count it. This means left swipes are free. In the twelve hours if you swipe right this will be counted.

Tinder Swipes a Day

As already mentioned above tinder no longer has a hundred likes. There are standard numbers of swipes you get now. Tinder is one of the major Technology firms and its algorithm stays private like any other. So the exact number of swipes is still a mystery. According to speculations, there are several numbers on factors on which tinder swipes are based such as the way users use the Tinder app, Age, Gender, and location. So if someone is giving likes to everyone or females getting more likes than men from the same profile tinder is going to decrease your swipe count. Tinder needs to keep things genuine and this is how they motivate their users.

Swipes for Free Tinder Account

There are millions of people who are using a free version of Tinder. This means you will have a limited number of swipes per twelve hours.  Even the free users will not have an exact number of swipes.  So the young women get a hundred likes and men get fifty likes in twelve hours.

If you like Tinder you can upgrade your Tinder account to a Gold or platinum membership. It is not possible to get free swipes on Tinder. To enjoy unlimited swipes the paid versions are the best.  The significant feature of using paid versions is that your number of swipes increases.  There is no limit and it's unlimited fun.  You can swipe all night and still, you will not be out of swipes. 

Free users need to ensure how many likes they are left with. They have doubts that they might be left in dark. There is no feature on tinder that will tell you so the best way to keep the exact count is to keep a manual count of your right swipes in twelve hour period. If you are still looking for How to Get Unlimited Swipes on Tinder for Free? It will be difficult to get until you will have a paid version of tinder. Paid versions have no assigned swipe count at all.

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