How to Get Tinder Gold for Free?

How to Get Free Tinder Gold 2023

Tinder is one of the most popular datings of 2023 but to take full advantage of this amazing app you will need to spin some extra bucks. Blind dates are exciting but not when you are shocked by seeing the day and night difference so use free tinder dates. You will never wish to waste your time on dates that were nothing but a headache to meet too. 

Well, you can save all this hassle by switching from free tinder to gold. Tinder is super easy to operate. You have to complete your profile. The app is straightforward.  You have to upload your photograph and write a short bio. There are many profiles that you can swipe. You also get a significant count of daily swipes. There are three premium tinder features

  • Tinder plus
  • Tinder Gold
  • Tinder Platinum
How to Get Tinder Gold for Free

Well if you have this question in mind can I use tinder Gold for free? To check out the eligibility of getting gold for free 

  • It is available for new subscribers only 
  • A user  qualifies   for trial only once per tinder gold account 

If you fulfill these requirements then you can give tinder gold a try. Tinder gold is also the most popular tinder dating app plan that young people like.

Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

The first thing you need to do is to install tinder gold and then you will have access to all the tinder plus features as well. The features of tinder gold are

  • You can see who liked your profile
  • There are unlimited likes
  • Get top picks each day
  • Give 5 super likes in a day
  • Undo Nope/like with Rewind
  • You get a boost every month
  • Interact with people from all around the world
  • Enjoy Tinder ad-free

There are plenty of other perks that you can enjoy with your tinder gold. Many users wish to know if is tinder gold available for free. The answer is yes but only if you subscribe to tinder gold. There are also cheats, hacks, and codes to get tinder gold for free but for that, you need to be a tech expert. If you do not wish to go the hard way then here is how to enjoy Gold free trials.

  • First of all, go to the tinder app
  • Go to your account
  • Click on settings
  • Tap on the Tinder Gold
  • Choose your plan
  • Fill in the information

The tinder gold free trial is only available for three days. You can cancel your subscription anytime.  If you are a tinder fan then tinder gold is worth trying. There are many genuine and compatible people out there and you are missing them just because you are not paying for the services.

You can go for a free trial to know what you get with tinder gold.  Tinder is easy and has huge fun with its subscription plans.  Tinder gold is worth it if you are serious about finding a worthy date.

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