Why am I Getting Spam Emails from Dating Sites

There is nothing more irritating than having an inbox filled with spam emails. If you visit a website once you start getting your inbox flooded with suggestions that you certainly don't want from an unknown person.

Sometimes we are in hurry looking for important mail but it is impossible to find it in the clutter of spam mail. Dating sites are too curious to fix you with people and they use all their power to bag in new members. Are you too troubled with dating emails? You must check out these solutions to get rid of them.

Why am I Getting Spam Emails from Dating Sites

This Can be a Phishing Attack

We all know the online world is dangerous; we are prone to attacks from everywhere. Anyone can grab your information from anywhere. Do you have any idea how many places you are in? it can be from your Facebook, any survey you did online, offers, quizzes, etc. we see hundreds of emails every day in our inbox, from where do they get our email? So phishing attacks can come from anywhere. Beware of it.

You Unintentionally Signed for It

Many times we are unconsciously using our phones and can click any pop-up unknowingly. You must pay attention to what you click the next time. Give your email address where it is required. You might have visited any dating site and entered your email and now they need you back. You can avoid these queues of emails by paying attention to what you visit online.

The Sender Bought an Email List, which has your Email Address

Some people purchase email lists from hackers who use illegal methods to access someone’s information or people who legally collect such data to sell. It is not legal in most countries, but it actually happens. If you are getting emails from particular websites, they must be legal and if they claim to be legal, then they should give you a method to unsubscribe.

In the case of dating sites, if they are professional spammers, you will deal with difficult situations when you want to stop them to send spam emails. Some users try to use the unsubscribe button, with which they can confirm that their email addresses are valid and active. It can create more hard situations for them.

How to Stop Such Emails?

It is very annoying to get such emails from dating sites. Possibly, you would want them to stop harassing you. Then, what can you do? There are some things you can do to get rid of spam emails from dating sites. Some methods are mentioned below :

  • Make use of spam filters
  • Avoid opening spam emails
  • Try to never reply to those emails
  • Be cautious with forwarded emails from family and friends
  • Make sure to always check privacy policies
  • Use the spam folder, which was actually meant for this sake. Create an email filtering rule, with which you can send such emails to the spam folder or delete them immediately.

So, with these methods, you can stay away from getting spam emails from any of the dating sites.

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