Tinder without Facebook

Tinder is a dating app, which requires you to log into Facebook to get started with it. When you connect Tinder with Facebook, it will help you easily create a Tinder profile on your behalf with the images and info available on your Facebook profile. This way, Tinder collects some basic information from Facebook such as your age, where you live, your social circle, or your common interests. When you use Tinder with Facebook, it reduces the chances of fake profiles or scammers.

Tinder without Facebook

Why you should use Tinder without Facebook?

If you use Tinder with Facebook, then you might be going to enjoy its benefits. If you do it, then you can have a chance to select another name, birthday, email, and upload other photos, and other info that is not available on your Facebook. This means that if you use another birth date on Facebook or any other info, you can set this info directly on Tinder.

You can easily sign up on Tinder without Facebook using your phone number. There is no need to have an obligation to make a Facebook account to use the account kit, a technology from Facebook. Moreover, it is also not required to share your social media info. But Facebook receives info about the device you are using along with other data that Tinder can give to the social network on its own.

Using Tinder without Facebook

Can Tinder be used without Facebook? Of course, people are willing to know this thing. Yes, of course. Tinder allows you to link your Google account when you want to create your profile on Tinder. Practically, you need a Gmail account, a Google profile, and a smartphone/ laptop. This is how you will get a chance to open a Tinder account without using Facebook. All you need to do is to click on the option ‘Sign in’ with Google if you are willing to go with this option.

Once you have used your Google credentials, you will be able to access your Tinder profile. Make sure to keep in mind that this dating app will carry out the same action similarly to Facebook. After accepting the terms of use by selecting this option, Tinder will collect some data from your Google account that you have selected. Rest, you can fill in all your necessary information on Tinder to complete your profile.

Using Tinder without Facebook but with a phone number

It would be good to know that you can access your Tinder profile without Facebook, but with your valid phone number. With this option, you can stay isolated from any other account and there is no need to provide your personal info. Using a phone number to use Tinder is the most private and reliable option. This option has a valid registration process to avoid fake profiles. After using your phone number, you will get a code on your phone number that you need to enter. After verifying your mobile number, you can proceed to create a Tinder account and start using it without any worry.

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