Facebook Dating Disabled Account

Facebook is among the most popular app where you can share your talents, communicate with friends and family, promote business, and meet new friends and now you can even find love on Facebook. Facebook dating is what all the hype is about. Now you can make a Facebook dating app and find someone you may fall in love with. The conversation in dating apps is completely personal and not shared with anyone. This pap is already there and you just have to create an account.

Facebook Dating Disabled Account

The Facebook dating app is new and many new users have complaint that their dating accounts are disabled without their consent. The issues are 

  • The  app keeps on getting crashed
  • A dating app is not displayed  on the Facebook app
  • The features of dating apps are not showing up
  • The dating app is not loading
  • The notifications of the app are not appearing on the home screen

These are the few issues that users keep on facing occasionally.  So the question is what the solution is if My Facebook dating app is disabled. The first things you can do are power off your device and then switch it back on.  Also, make sure that your Facebook is having the latest version of the app.  Sometimes troubleshooting your network also works. 

Reasons Why your Account is Disabled 

So if you are facing issues with your Facebook dating app you might need an instant solution. A Facebook dating app is very popular among pretty impatient youngsters. Having a dating account disabled can ruin all the fun. So here are a few things that you can do to get your Facebook dating account back on track. 

  • A Facebook dating app is down  and not working for anyone
  • Your app needs  to be updated
  • Your internet  connection is not working properly
  • You might have your notifications blocked
  • The cache data of your Smartphone is corrupted 

You must find out the problem so that you can raise the solution. Usually, these are the reasons why your account is not working or you are not getting any notifications. First, find the root cause of the issue or you can call the Facebook help center. There are a few things that you can try on your part to get back your account on track. 

How to Fix The Problem?

  • The first thing you can do is to update the Facebook dating app and update it. Sometimes update button is off for some  apps
  • Check your Facebook notification and enable them all. Sometimes the system turns off the notifications for the app if you have changed some settings like your theme.  Make an exception in case required
  • Check your network connection because if it is not working properly you will not be able to access your facing dating app on any of your devices.
  • A clean cache of your Smartphone because  it gets corrupted and causes hindrance in the apps
  • Make sure Facebook is not down for everyone
  • Restart your device or go out and then log in
  • Delete the app and reinstall it again
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