Can you Message on Tinder without Paying?

Tinder is a nice place to be for young adults. Here anyone can find a nice date.  There are many features but it is agitating when we are stuck behind a paywall.  The majority of people have this question Can I chat on Tinder without Paying? These apps are there for business and to use the corners that are locked away we need to pay cash. {How to Message on Tinder without Paying}

Can you Message on Tinder without Paying

Tinder is a place where you have pretty chances to find a nice pair. So isn't it worth spending some bucks when it comes to your love life? The good news is that you don't have to think about love and money at the same time.  You can send a message without paying. Yes, this is possible.  If you have matched with someone you can send them a message for free.

If you both have swiped one other then you can chat with that person without paying. This is a basic feature of tinder.  There are different types of subscriptions for instance platinum subscribers.  If you have a platinum subscription you don't have to be a match to send a message. Then there is tinder's ultimate tier where you enjoy more messaging features.  So let’s go in-depth about how to enjoy Tinder chat.

How to do Tinder chat / How to Chat in Tinder without Paying?

Tinder is a very nice dating app. There are billions of subscribers from all over the world. You can search for a match by choosing a region. You have to fill in your bio, put in some pictures, and answer the questions to complete your profile. You just have to be true, confident, and know what you are looking for. So the first thing you need to do is to find a match. There are many free Tinder users and they can chat with people they are matched with.

  • You can see people you are matched with by hitting the speech bubble button.
  • Select the person you wish to talk to
  • Type your best lines
  • Hit the send button
  • Done

Being a free user you can only take advantage of this feature. Tinder is a serious app and you can take advantage of it as you like. Dating apps have to keep it with the trend and need to bring new twists. The great thing about tinder is that anyone can message anyone. Not just boys and girls but everyone.  If you have the right match you get to chat with each other without paying.  If there is a mutual match tinder will send a notification to both of you. This way you both get the chat started. To see who likes you you will have t pay for the feature.  Only the platinum and gold members are allowed to see who likes them. So this is one fun you might be missing being a free user.

So, the final word to the question Can I chat on Tinder without paying answer is yes.  If you like someone you can like them and see their response otherwise you will have to pay to get the full confirmation.


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