Bumble is a Waste of Time

Today we see there are thousands of dating apps on the play store. The problem is not all of them are the best. Still, people have choices and they make the selection accordingly.  Bumble is one dating app that is not yet as popular as tinder. The problem is its features and low matches.

There might be some issues in your profile or a habit of using an app that is keeping you away from getting swipes on your profile. If you too think that bumble is a complete waste of time then try these few things if you still have bumble on your Smartphone.

Bumble is a Waste of Time

Check your Profile

Your profile is the first thing that people will come across. It needs to be genuine and perfect. If your profile is not filed properly people will not e able to know about you. Your profile will look suspicious and others will keep their distance from you.  Make sure that you have no incomplete details in your profile. How bumble will suggest you to others if you will not give the relevant information. Also, you will need a great profile picture. If you will not have a good-looking picture you will have zero chance of getting attention.

You are Choosy

There is one reason that you are not able to find the right matches. You might not be seriously looking and being stubbornly picky.  If you are just swiping based on the looks or just searching for the best profiles in hurry you might be losing some worthy candidates. Yes, you are to find the best date on bumble but you cannot be too choosy. Expand your interests and patiently swipe profiles to get the right match for you.  Bumble is having genuine and good profiles.

Check your Configuration Settings 

There might be a chance that your bumble is not working the way it should be. The first thing you must do is check your configuration settings. There are settings different for free and premium users. Premium users will be happier with the bumble app as they get more features and hopefully, better profile suggestions as compared t the free accounts. Look down if you have narrowed down your searches on your profile. Check the location and distance searches.

You are not Right for Bumble 

You might not be finding interest in bumble just because this pap is not right for you.  Bumble is specially designed for people who are looking for serious relationships. This means they are too focused on what they need and not more than that. If you are not a serious one but looking for casual dating then you might not is the right fit for bumble. 

These are some of the reasons why you are not able to get the right matches on bumble. By knowing what is wrong you can find out the right solution. If these tips don't work try switching to premium bumble or simply quitting the app and finding your interests on any other dating app.

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